Beavers In Tents!

On 15th and 16th June 2019 our Beavers experienced a night under canvas at our two day Summer Camp.

They started the day by helping to set up their tents then it was straight to learning some knots to enable them to set up some extra hand-washing facilities (something there can never be enough of on camp!), whilst learning about the problem some communities have finding clean and safe drinking water.

After a quick packed lunch it was on to den-building and whilst there should have been some (sucker!) cross-bow practice, the great British weather had other ideas. So following an extremely hasty retreat to the hut, the Beavers were instructed on safe match lighting and given the opportunity to each light a match and toast some marshmallows (not using the match!)

The neighbouring cub pack invited us to join their campfire, so after tea we were treated to a very entertaining hour of songs and skits.

The inevitable early rise-and-shine on Sunday morning gave the Beavers plenty of time to fuel-up and make their packed lunch before we headed out on a hike- our “activities within an activity” for the day.

The packed weekend covered 29 elements across 7 badges; plus additional campsite and “first camp” badges were also given out.

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