Freezer Camp 2022

This was a challenging camp.  It started with concerns about being able to even go as Derbyshire was in an amber warning for high winds.  The site reccie and a change of camp pitch (plus some Yorkshire sunshine) meant the camp was a go… and 9 scouts and 5 explorers accepted the challenge.


And to be fair, it was a green camp pitch when we started….


First day setting up camp started dry and warm.  But this didn’t last long…

There were plenty of activities to try.  And by the end of the day we found time to invest the first explorer to the newly named Boscage unit.  First female to be invested… and yes, we did get her to make her Scout Promise on the top of 18 crates (the highest number of the day).



..and still smiling 🙂

We were lucky to get a fire, particularly as it got very cold.  The scouts and explorers too refuge in some well organised evening activities (cinema, retro gaming or disco).


But by the end of Sunday, torrential rain and tired people – we were glad to have many hands to get the mess tent down.



This was a muddy, wet, cold camp.  Well done to the scouts and explorers that made it through.  You’re amazing.



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